How do we tackle new perspectives, embrace changing situations and find creative solutions for potential opportunities that present themselves in a new world?

Our ART-BASED TRAININGS are designed to help executives, students in developing this ability by adding some creativity, insight and imagination to their work and lives.

In our workshops, we use ART as the method to engage and drive learning.

Who We Are

Lotus in a Pond - the name comes from the founder, Aparna's life philosophy that just as the beautiful lotus blossoms even in dirty water and mud, each one of us can blossom and reach our utmost potential despite barriers - external or internal.

Aparna is motivated by the chance to create value in people's lives. She brings in her background in the arts and film into coaching, leadership & development. She uses doodling, painting, collage-making, scrap-book work, various forms of drawing to ideate, conceptualise and come up with all types of possibilities and solutions to achieve a goal.

Art helps our trainees and coachees relax, open up, and become more self-aware, thus building empathy for others` ideas, enhancing creativity and innovation. Read More..

Why Art?

In an increasingly complex, global, and highly interdependent world, it is crucial to have creative, and non-technical personal and group qualities.

Most of our educational experiences have been designed to cultivate the verbal, rational, on-time left hemisphere, while half of the brain of every student is virtually neglected.

Whole-brain thinking is the need of the hour and provides one with a strategic roadmap for creativity, problem solving, innovation and transformation. Right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition, along with left-brain logic and planning allows for the wholesome growth of a person and therefore a company.

Our art-based trainings are designed to help executives develop this ability. Read More..


Aparna Apte Gupta giving talk at ICFShowcasing her artTimes Internet - Tree of Goalsmmtc pamp - artist at workDeep focus - Students at IIT busy making their Tree of goalsSiddhant explaining his Yin YangRiya. IIT student, happy face and dirty handsAparna Apte Gupta in dicusssion with a student from IIT Delhi  Aparna Apte Gupta With the Catalyst teamDecember 2019 - IIT Delhi batchA participant happily showcasing her artworkA partipant having fun during a workshop Work(shop) in progress - At MMTC PAMPParticipants at work Aren't they proud of their creation?Aparna Apte Gupta during a session at IIT DelhiAt the Times Group office - participants show their Trees of Goals
Some of the

Workshops We Offer

Our art exercises are created around and hinged on various psychometric frameworks which allow us to ensure the discussion is steeped in research related to human behaviour. And thus, the results of our art-making process combined with the learnings of psychometric assessments like the HBDI and Hogan, bring clarity on how to put it all together.

Some of our workshops are listed below.

Some of the clients

We have worked with

And here's

What our clients say

In a place like IIT where we are always focused only on academics, it becomes very important for us to discuss things like emotional intelligence etc and you guys found such interesting ways in which we could discuss it, that we never got bored in discussing such issues. You asked whether we took even iota from this class: iota really underestimates what I actually took from this class. Thanks for giving us such a wonderful experience!
Aishwarya Singh
4th year B.Tech student, IIT-Delhi
Selected for Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR)
She is an amazing person full of life and motivated thoughts. She has full knowledge of her subject and gives her heart to the person while coaching.

She does full justice to her job and goes beyond her limits to support the person.
Rati Jain
Test Analyst
NSW Property Advisory Group, Australia
My collaboration with Aparna happened while listening to her talking passionately about her art assignment with IIT. She came across as a person who believes in what she does and that to me, is the most important part of a job.

She created a module on " Time Management via Art" for Times Internet- While the topic is an old one and has been done numerous times, it was never done via art! Aparna was confident that the participants would love it and she worked with me to chalk out the objectives and mould her session accordingly. Needless to say, it was a hit and it brought out various facets of time management that people face- personal as well as professional.

Aparna is extremely passionate about her work, articulate in how the design would come together and open to hearing what the other side of the table wants. Her articulation went a long way in making me comfortable that this would work in a corporate set-up! Highly recommended.
Arunima Sinha Times Internet Limited
Arunima Sinha
Lead - Learning & Development
Times Internet
We at Canara HSBC Life had an opportunity to partner with Aparna for workshops for our middle level management team. Aparna brings in energy, a deep understanding of learning concepts, connects very well with participants and uses engaging training methodology. Her sessions are very engaging, lively and she is able to explain difficult concepts in a simple way.
Amit Sharma
Head - L&D and Talent Management
Canara HSBC Life
Aparna’s workshops at IIT-Delhi have been exemplary and very well received by the third and fourth year students. One of the defining feature of her work is that students learn through art exercises, music, debates and all this combined together brings the element of playfulness in learning.

Her work has attracted very positive feedback and a result of which she has been regularly asked to take these workshops for IIT-D students.
Lavlesh Bhanot
ex-PESR Course Consultant & Course Manager, NRCVEE

Contact Us

Whether you are an organisation, institute or an individual, and want to rethink and reinvent, give us a shout. We shall create a solution for you with you.
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